Friday, August 5, 2011

Input from Kenya

Harry recently got this input from Kenya, about the effectiveness on nano-silver used on patients in a clinic there.  As always, no claims made, no cause-effect relationship attributed.  Interesting though:


As a follow up to our earlier conversation, the progress of Nano has been outstanding. We have been able to successfully test several patients with different chronic conditions and the response is welcoming
As i had indicated earlier, we managed to the put the product on different patients who have the following conditions. HIV, Diabetes, Cancer (ovarian, uterine, prostate, and intestinal), kidney failure, and malaria.
The response of these test have been shocking to say the least. The most shocking one is the 51year old diabetes patient who sugar levels have drastically reduced. My own 34 year old friend who has been on daily insulin injections (twice a day) does not have to use the insulin as often as he used to since his sugar levels have reduced drastically.
Please see attached flow chart that we are using to follow up with our patients on the response they are getting from the use of our product. 
We have managed to get orders from the testing hospitals and several other patients. So far, we have confirmed orders of 23 cases of the the consignments that is destined for arrival in the coming days.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

New testimonial & Lyme Disease

I'm back after months -- sold a house in NC, bought one in FL, moved oursleves and my business. 

The following message to Harry Watson was from the Director of Operations for an innovative tech firm, not the kind of person given to lightly proclaiming the benefits of anything if there's not some solid evidence. 

Of course, no claims are made for anything, and nothing works for everyone.  In this case the woman also took an experimental drug.  Who knows if there was cause and effect either way?  It is an interesting anecdote, of course, and very recent.

"Todd has asked me to reach out to you and order 20 bottles for a neighbor of his that has responded miraculously.  I am not sure if he told you, but the neighbor’s wife had brain cancer and was given just weeks to live and now she is home working in her flower garden!!!!

Todd gave her two bottles of what we had and Michael made a DVD of the interview we did with you. She used the product and our understanding is the tumor is gone. Amen!  We are trying to get all the details as an experimental drug was also used that had not been used on humans. Anyway, the husband is on a one-man campaign to get Precious Water recognized in the medical community and we need some product."

Lyme Disease

If you know someone suffering from the results of Lyme Disease, you might want to advise they look into nano-silver.  Apparently it will enter the cell and kill the parasite, the same as it does for HIV.  Once the parasite is eradicated, it is possible that the person might return to normal health.  Taking Clustered Water might also help speed up that process.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Interesting feedback

Here is some interesting feedback Harry received from a doctor recently:

Dear Harry,I am happy to report to you,that I have been using your precious waters with 2ppm strength (diluted with Vivo ) as a hygienic nasal rinse for past 2 weeks.I have experienced resolution of my chronic purulent nasal discharge and with my nocturnal nasal congestion.I can breath through my nose much better and my night sleep quality improved as well.God bless and Best Wishes.  Bernard D. MDFACS

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Large orders from india, Kenya

It is significant to know for anyone taking a close look at nano-silver to know that scientists in India and Kenya have tested nano-silver to treat malaria and other infection-caused diseases, and have placed trial orders.  There are two 5000-bottle orders from India, and they would purchase more, but the capacity to handle a larger order (50,000 has been discussed) is not yet there.  Recent terrorist-caused restrictions on the shipment of liquids has further complicated things.

Also, the person who is in charge of distributing food aid in large parts of Kenya for the major food exporter to that country from the USA, has ordered over 1000 bottles, after working with several clinics and hospitals there.  Discussions are about eventual shipments of over 100,000 bottles, mainly for fighting malaria, although they also have other diseases in mind as well.

When those large orders are actually placed, news about them will be posted in this blog.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Three New Testimonials

Here are three recent testimonials Harry sent me today:

Dear Dan,
Following are three testimonials, one for colitis and two for cancer:
David E. from Princeton, Texas :  "I have suffered from colitis for more than ten years.  I have tried every known remedy available.  Its severity was such that it took over my life.  I heard about Precious Waters from a personal friend and decided to give it a try.  After the third day of taking one ounce three times per day, there was a dramatic noticeable diminishing of my symptoms.  After one week all my symptoms had vanished.  It has been six weeks since I took my first dose of PW, and I am now back to the normal life I lived prior to the onset of colitis."
Susan C. from Irvine, CA :  "I was near death from the onslaught of cancer that started in my lungs and metastases to many areas.  After months of treatment and being hospitalized I was told that nothing more could be done for me.  Through a church elder I contacted Precious Waters.  I started taking PW immediately upon reaching home from the hospital.  Three months later I ordered an additional ten bottles because my recovery had been dramatic.  My appetite was restored, my strength returned to the point where I attended three square dance parties the previous two weeks; my color had returned, and I was no longer in any pain.  I just celebrated my 64th birthday.  All of my hair fell out (it was long, gray and straight) but returned very dark and curly.
Lee L. Huntington Beach, CA  I am an 81 year old retired airline Pilot.  I discovered 2 spots on my lungs from a physical taken 2 years ago.  I opted not to take the standard radiation and chemo treatments being used and chose instead the recommendations of a homeopathic doctor.  Needless to say both spots grew much larger over those two years and I realized I was in deep trouble.  I then started using Precious Waters and in 6 weeks the tumors in my lungs had started to shrink.  In three months there was no trace of either of them.
Each of these patience started on 1 ounce of Precious Waters, 3 times a day for a week and then 2 teaspoons 3 times a day from then on.
GOD Bless,
Harry E. Watson
949-351-0612 Cell

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An instance where nano-silver helps with nasal discharge

Obviously nano-silver is not a cure-all, but it is impressive how many people have been helped with different types of things when they use it.  Here is an email Harry received recently from a surgeon.

Dear Harry, I am happy to report to you that I have been using your precious waters with 2ppm strength (diluted with Vivo )as a hygienic nasal rinse for past 2 weeks. I have experienced resolution of my chronic purulent nasal discharge and with my nocturnal nasal congestion. I can breathe through my nose much better and my night sleep quality improved as well. God bless and Best Wishes.